Ontario Court Justice Celynne Dorval, in sentencing Roger Clement to three-and-a-half years for firebombing an Ottawa bank, said the ex-bureaucrat’s otherwise “exemplary life” did not excuse his lack of remorse.

Letters of reference portraying Clement, 58, as a generous and caring man who helped ailing family members as well as friends and strangers, and his guilty plea on a first offence were considered as mitigating factors, Dorval said.

Although Clement said Monday he would not reoffend and regretted the inconvenience and expense incurred by his actions, she said, “This is not an expression of remorse.”


Other aggravating factors, she said, were the crime’s political motive, Clement’s leadership role, and the apparent degree of pre-meditation involved in acquiring voice-disguising software, disguises and large quantities of gasoline.

Clement’s lawyer, Lawrence Greenspon said he was satisfied with the ruling.

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