A Maryland court dismissed a child-support claim against Chris Bosh
yesterday, ruling it did not have jurisdiction over the Raptors forward
when it comes to support payments for his 4-month-old daughter, Trinity.

Mathis, Bosh's former live-in girlfriend and the girl's mother, filed
suit in Maryland in November seeking support and sole custody, claiming
Bosh abandoned her when she was seven months into a difficult pregnancy
and attempted to have her removed from their jointly owned Texas home.

has denied those allegations, and his legal representatives filed an
affidavit in Maryland court last week wherein Bosh appeared to be an
engaged and caring father who claimed to have sent monthly support
cheques that had yet to be cashed.


Yesterday a lawyer for Mathis said
an affidavit was introduced into Maryland court that Bosh has sent
Mathis four monthly child-support cheques, each for $1,500 (all figures
U.S.), and that they have been cashed.

"It's kind of a mess,"
said Grier Raggio, Mathis's lawyer, of the dispute. "(Negotiating a
settlement) should be a very easy thing to do if Chris Bosh wants a
good, continuing relationship with his daughter, but Allison needs the
financial resources to give Trinity a good life, and not the $1,500 a
month he's been sending under the guidelines of the Texas child-support

Bosh's lawyers have argued that child-support payments should be determined in Texas.

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