joe brown mug shot Credit: Shelby County Sheriff's Office
TV judge Joe Brown found himself on the other side of the judge's bench when he was thrown behind bars for contempt of court on Monday. Brown was representing a client in a child-support case when he lost his temper and got "raucous" and "challenged the authority" of Magistrate Harold Horne, reports CNN. Brown received several warnings from Horne before he was finally sent tin Shelby County jail in Memphis on Monday afternoon. No video has been released of the incident, but we can guess from Brown's show, "Judge Joe Brown" what he might have looked like in court. Check out our reenactment of the event in GIFs based on audio from TMZ and scenes from Brown's show that ran for 15 years before it was canceled last year.

joe brown eyebrows Credit: Judge Joe Brown
"Excuse me on what authority do you sit by the way?" Brown challenged Horne right after Horne threatened to hold him in contempt of court. Brown probably raised his eyebrows - classic move.

joe brown no Credit: Judge Joe Brown
"On what authority do you sit by? As a former judge here, we have a rule in the 30th judicial district that says every single magistrate referee has to be unanimously approved by every circuit, chancery, and criminal court judge. I don't recall your name's ever been submitted, sir." Burn.

joe brown yelling Credit: Judge Joe Brown
" ... By the way, what is that? Magistrate, sir? With due respect." With. Due. Respect. That's some shade. Do you think Horne made the same face as this girl? We really hope so.


joe brown mad Credit: Judge Joe Brown
"You want to get into this, let's get into this - this sorry operation needs to stop," Brown said after Horne held him in contempt of court. "Excuse me, if you try to do this, you need to straighten yourself up, and you need to cite your authority." Horne promptly rewards him with another day in jail.

joe brown pointing Credit: Judge Joe Brown
"Tell you what - I'll be out of here very shortly on petition of a habeas corpus and I'll bring up all these problems and guess what? You might not be operating tomorrow." As far as we know, Brown went to jail and Horne is still operating as a magistrate.

joe brown glasses Credit: Judge Joe Brown
When Horne asked Brown to sit, he responded, "Okay. As a courtesy to the officers, I'll do that." Brown sounds calmer here but he wasn't done just yet: "This is a circus sir," he said, earning a total of five days in jail.

The whole exchange reminded us of a classic scene from "The Breakfast Club" (start at 1:15):

Except, of course, Brown is a 66-year-old man and not a high school student.

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