Justice rebukes witness’ pin

While a judge in Kitchener doesn’t think police officers should wear poppies when they come to testify in her courtroom, it doesn’t appear to be part of a wider trend banning the Remembrance Day symbol.



According to a court transcript obtained by the Kitchener-Waterloo Record, Ontario Court Justice Margaret Woolcott issued the warning to Const. Dan Haines on Oct. 31 when he appeared as a witness at an assault trial.



"However much you may think that’s a totally acceptable symbol, and that is totally neutral, that might not be entirely the case for everybody who comes to court," Woolcott told the Waterloo regional police officer.

"It represents a symbol of support and I suspect that 99.999 per cent of us happily wear it outside the courtroom. You probably should not wear anything like that in court."

After the Oct. 31 proceeding, police and judicial representatives held a closed-door meeting and the issue has been resolved, Insp. Brian Larkin told the Record.

a first?

  • At Ontario Superior Court yesterday, no one could remember a judge there making such an order.