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Pride Toronto co-chair Lenore MacAdam.


She’s juggling a full-time job and volunteering as Pride Toronto co-chair, but Lenore MacAdam is up to the challenge.

In her first year of a two-year commitment as co-chair, MacAdam, who also serves on the Pride Board, is looking forward to throwing the best Pride festivities this city has ever experienced.

“This year we’ve really expanded our arts and culture repertoire,” she says. “We’ve partnered with other organizations like Word On The Street and our live entertainment is top notch with groups like Indigo Girls performing. In total, for the whole week, there are 40 official events.”

MacAdam, 35, a management consultant, is no stranger to the goings on at Pride. Her introduction to the organization came three years ago when she joined the Dyke March committee. The following year she was elevated to Dyke March coordinator. After a friend suggested running for the vacant co-chair position she showed no hesitation.

For MacAdam, volunteering for Pride was also her way of coming out. “I came out later in life,” she explains. “I was in my early 30s and I wanted to connect with the community. It was a bit of a process.”

Being co-chair also means that her volunteer responsibilities sometimes overlap with her salaried work duties. For some employers, doing personal work on company time can be a definite no-no. But MacAdam credits her employer for giving her the time and support to get the job done.

No matter how many balls MacAdam juggles these next six days, she will definitely have her hands full. “My goal is to survive!” sums up MacAdam.