The lights aren’t set to shine until Sunday night, but the Junos started their trek into the city yesterday.
Starting what is going to be 10,000 physical hours of preparation, the Junos rolled into town yesterday to start set up at the Saddledome.
Karel Noordover, technical producer of the Junos, told Metro 150 workers will conduct the thousands of hours it takes to set up in only four days.
“And that’s just for the technical side. There is so much more work going into the production, but we will be done by Thursday night for rehearsals to begin,” Noordover said.
And Juno fans will not be disappointed with the event, he added.
“The stage will be set up like a huge concert and will give the concert feel to everyone there. The sound will be tremendous and the show will be spectacular,” he said, adding that there will be 13 performances.
The only challenge was the Saddledome’s low roof, but Noordover said they were able to work around it without a problem.
While the shows take the about four days to set up, Noordover said the equipment only takes about one day to take down.
“I always say it’s easier to put things away when you don’t have to make sure they’re working,” he joked.

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