Re: “No other faiths deemed worthy? — Reader’s letter,” Aug. 29:

Some letter writers claim it’s unfair for Ontario to fund Catholic schools and not other religious schools.

They may be right, but I don’t think the answer is to fund all religious schools but to fund none at all.


Provision for religious schools was included in the original constitution mainly to appease Catholics in Quebec. Ironically, Quebec has now ceased funding Catholic schools, leaving Ontario stuck with it.

At the same time, Protestant schools have gradually become secular in Ontario, and I believe there is presently only one Protestant school in the whole province.

In the rest of Canada, Newfoundland has also ceased funding religious schools, leaving only Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan who do so.

So the trend seems to be away from funding religious schools. The only fair solution is to gradually phase out funding for Catholic schools.

We have come a long way in separating church and state and I for one have no desire to return to the Dark Ages when superstition and religion ruled.