Ahhh, the perils of fame.


You’re only 16, received a new car for a birthday present, and are adored by fans all over the world.


Such is life for singing sensation Justin Bieber, people.com muses.


In London to promote his new single Baby and album My World 2.0, the singer appeared on GMTV, where he answered questions from fans about everything from the first song he learned (Row, Row, Row Your Boat) to his love life.


Bieber revealed he’s been asked to get hitched “a bunch of times,” and even though he may not be walking down the aisle anytime soon, his fans — many of whom were waiting for him at the TV studios — still have a chance of landing a date with the young hunk.

Asked if he would go out with one of them, he said, “I think that it just depends — it depends what the situation is. I think that I’m not going to limit myself.”