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Good news for Kevin Federline fans. The wannabe rapper is planning to bring his skills to the small screen in the form of a new reality show.

THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING: Because celebrity, even the most debased kind, has a half-life as lasting as plutonium, Kevin Federline is in negotiations for his own reality TV show, according to an item on US Magazine’s celebrity news blog.

“It’s true,” said Kenneth Crear, executive producer of The House Of Carters, the reality show featuring Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and his brother Aaron. “We are in talks about this. Kevin came to me because he liked the way I shot the House of Carters series and the way I made Nick Carter look real and trustworthy. I gave people a different perspective of him and made people really respect him.”

I can understand wanting to look trustworthy, but when looking real is an equal priority, one can’t help but wonder about someone’s grasp of biology, never mind ontology. (While we’re at it, I wish they’d been a bit clearer about who The House Of Carters was about — I tuned in expecting a Surreal Life spin-off featuring an ex-U.S. president, several of Johnny Cash’s stepchildren, a former boxer and jailbird, the Wonder Woman actress and a former Raptor. Imagine my dismay.)

Crear says that talks began last week with Federline’s manager (there’s a job you don’t want), and that they’re discussing an eight-episode series that would be filmed over three months, provided the show’s star doesn’t suffer a tragic mishap at a go-kart track or wax museum. No networks have been seriously approached yet. This would, of course, be Federline’s second kick at the reality TV can, after Chaotic, chronicling his whirlwind courtship of estranged, underwear-eschewing wife Britney Spears, aired on UPN in 2005.

“Kevin doesn’t dislike or hate Britney,” Crear told US magazine. “The show will show him for who he is but [will] not smear her. It was just a marriage that didn’t work out, but it will show who he is beyond that.” The question remains, of course, if anyone is interested in seeing who Federline is, “beyond that.” Perhaps he’d be better off taking the low road, filming himself driving a beat-up Ford Econoline on a personal appearance tour, with a Britney blow-up doll in the passenger seat and “My X wife iz a Hor” spray-painted on the side, hitting strip malls from Jacksonville to Beaverton, auditioning Britney look-alikes by the pool at the Motel Six and writing new raps on the back of Popeye’s placemats.

NBC has renewed 30 Rock for a full season, the last of its new fall shows to get a thumbs up or down from the network.

“We look forward to future episodes of this bright new show, which is right on-brand for our Thursday-night comedy block,” said Kevin Reilly, president of NBC Entertainment, in a press release. Translation: “If we couldn’t bring ourselves to cancel Joey until after two seasons, we can probably string this one out as long as Gunsmoke, if need be.”


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