A humanitarian worker from Kamloops is in a coma after being beaten and robbed in Cambodia.

Jiri Zvini is in critical condition in Phnom Penh, the International Humanitarian Hope Society said.

“Jiri — beaten, robbed and left to die — was found and transferred four hours by ambulance to the Calmette Hospital,” a statement from the Hope Society said. “An English-speaking doctor from the American clinic is looking after him.”

Zivny was attacked on Jan. 9 after using a bank machine. He was on the 24th day of a humanitarian trip visiting orphanages in China, Vietnam, Thailand and Burma.

While the rest of the team returned to Canada before Christmas, Zivny and a friend stayed behind. Due to the protests against the?Thai government that closed Bangkok airport, they decided “to carry on by land,” the Hope Society said. The attack occurred about two weeks afterward.