You may remember him from those billboards in 2007, and he wants you to.

Calgary businessman Alnoor Kassam officially launched his campaign for mayor yesterday morning, becoming one more in a plethora of candidates totaling 11.

“Our Calgary is a world class city. It’s easy to live in,” he said.

“I’ve lived in many great cities and I live in Calgary because it’s the one I like best.”

Kassam said he will outline his platform at a later date but believes city hall needs a makeover, and he wants it to start with him.

“We Calgarians have had enough. Let’s take back Calgary.”

Kassam took a run for mayor in 2007 and came in second but lost to longtime Mayor Dave Bronconnier, who is retiring this year.

Kassam acknowledges he’s had some bad press, referring to accusations stemming from Kenya regarding fraud, but pointed out the allegations are contradicted by legal judgment rendered by the Immigration and Refugee Board.

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