Kate Gosselin of TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 said the focus on her current marital woes is “a result of our situation — our very public lives,” usmagazine.com reports.

“Everyone wants to know everything about us,” she said on Larry King. “And I feel like this is a situation where, you know, you can’t believe everything that you read.”

King also read a statement from Jon, who denies cheating on his wife — despite video, pictures and on-the-record interviews alleging otherwise. “These allegations are false and just plain hurtful,” read the statement. “As I adjust to the attention that comes from being in the public eye, I need to be more careful and aware of who I’m associating with and where I’m spending my time. The bottom line is I did not cheat on Kate. I’m sorry for putting my family in this awkward position, given some poor decisions and bad judgments I’ve made recently.”

Asked by King what Jon meant by “bad judgment,” Kate replied: “We are a family who didn’t set out to live the celebrity lifestyle. We are living our lives like a normal family. Cameras come in and film us. And that, to the world — to the public, makes us celebrities.”

“I am not a celebrity... ,” she added. “I am a mom and a wife. And I feel that Jon is having difficult times realizing that you can’t go to the grocery store without people whipping out their cellphones, calling everyone they know and taking pictures of you. He is dealing very poorly with it.”