Actress Kate Hudson is the cover girl for People magazine’s annual 100 Most Beautiful People compilation.

“I?was a tomboy,” Hudson told the magazine’s special issue, which goes on sale tomorrow. “I had three brothers. I was the girl with the dress on that always came back in the house filthy with scrapes and bruises. But I was always very girly. I had to be able to twirl so that my underwear showed.”

Her best time for looking good, Hudson said, comes “at the end of the night, when everything’s soaked in and I’m still up. I like the leftover makeup in the morning.”

Other celebrities considered most beautiful are actresses Ellen Page, Jessica Alba, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry, singer/actress Jennifer Lopez, reality TV?star Nicole Richie, singers Christina Aguilera and Ashlee Simpson, and actor Matthew McConaughey, E!?News Online reports.

People magazine said the list is not ranked.