If travelling to interesting locales inspires Gene Greer-Kondusky to create, then his music is about to undergo a sharp shift to the north.

Greer-Kondusky, a loop-based acoustic-electronic musician who performs under the name Kites Overhead, is getting ready to move north of 60 to teach math in northern Quebec.

And while it might seem like an unlikely job for the innovative musician, who’s been spending his days poring over literature while pursuing his Masters in English, he says a change in scenery — and the new day job — might spark his creativity.

“There is a sublime beauty in the North with the barrenness and snow and Northern lights. I think that isolation will definitely inspire me,” Greer-Kondusky says.

“My music has always kind of been a product of my travelling.”

After spending much of his youth in punk and alt-rock bands, he decided to move to Japan.

It was there that Greer-Kondusky discovered his affinity for performing solos, but not in the traditional “guy with an acoustic guitar” format.

Instead he employed the assistance of a loop machine and effects pedal to accompany the live guitar and vocals.

He recorded and performed for a time under the name The Noble Son, until he discovered an American neo-Nazi with the same name.

But while switching names has made for some logistical snags, he says he was also feeling ready for a change.

“I was getting bored with the old name anyway. My older recordings were more relaxed and ambient. Slow,” he says with a laugh.

“My newer songs have evolved, and are a bit more upbeat which I think goes along with the name.”
The music is at times sparse with little or no vocals, leaving room for Greer-Kondusky’s experimentation to flourish.

Other songs are layered and complex, requiring an attentive ear.

No matter whether he is performing old or fresh creations, Greer-Kondusky says his goal on stage is always to give people something a little unexpected.

“When I perform I really want to captivate people, Music should be treated like any other art, but I am not big into nostalgia. I like the idea of sounds evolving and changing. I’ve nothing against radio music, but I also want to create something a little different.”

Kites Overhead performs at Café Nostalgica June 27, 603 Cumberland Street. The show is free.

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