When school’s out for the summer, many find themselves sweating through the season in residences or rentals without air conditioning.

Consider these helpful tips from The Home Depot Canada to make your student residence or apartment cooler inside and out:

• Pull the shades. By using curtains you can substantially limit the amount of light coming into the home, thereby keeping the temperature down.

• Pump it up. If you are looking for the ultimate reprieve from the heat, create an indoor retreat with an air conditioning unit. Look for energy efficient options, such as Energy Star qualified units, which use less energy and can significantly cut cooling expenses.

• Fan club. A fan can help circulate the cold air being produced by an air conditioner or simply act as the primary cooling source in your home. Get double the use by installing a fan that has a light fixture built-in.

• For more tips on cooling down this summer, plan a visit to The Home Depot in your area or www.homedepot.ca.

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