Modern laptops, wireless Internet access and advances in communication software are making remote working easier and more efficient than ever.

With the technology available to support mobile working, small businesses can take advantage in order to gain a competitive edge and retain top employees.

“There are many benefits to working remotely — no lengthy commuting, fewer distractions, and the flexibility of working whenever and wherever you choose,” said Gordon Stein, vice president, Rogers Business Segment.


“Time is a valuable commodity for small business owners, and our customers are looking for every advantage for their business. We enable our customers to stay connected to the information that is important while away from the office — whether it is voice and email messages, production information or real-time feeds from their operation.”

Consider these tips to make working remotely feel less remote:

Stay connected
Your Internet connection is your lifeline to staying connected. A mobile internet connection from devices like the Rocket mobile Internet stick or the Rocket hub is a great way to access high-speed connectivity on the go without needing to constantly search for Wi-Fi hotspots.

Feel like you’re in the office even when you’re not
Remote access software lets you access documents and files through an internet connection, which means the work doesn't have to stop just because you are out of the office.

Online collaboration
Maintain open communication and promote inter-office collaboration with audio and web conferencing applications to ensure ideas and information are shared even from a distance.

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