While voicing concern that low-income children are losing access to summer camps and pools, Mayor David Miller said most people are supporting the city during the workers’ strike.

“I can tell you what I’m hearing from Torontonians is: Keep it up.”

Miller told reporters his biggest worry is not the growing piles of garbage at temporary dumps at parks and arenas, but children. “The poorest children in the city are losing their summer recreational opportunities. I don’t think that’s right.”

Meanwhile, city councillors who complain they’ve been left out of the loop as the strike grinds on will finally get a long-sought update on the bargaining this afternoon. But the briefing will occur behind closed doors at council’s employee and labour relations committee, which is chaired by Miller, and those in attendance will be sworn to secrecy.

The committee hasn’t met since before the strike began June 22, said Coun. Cliff Jenkins.

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