Excessive, uncontrolled moisture in your home could lead to rot and serious damage to your home, not to mention the harm it can have on your health. Here are a few of the key ways to stop keep mould out of your home:


  • Check home humidity. Health Canada recommends year-round relative humidity levels of 30 per cent to 55 per cent, depending on personal requirements. It is often difficult, however, to maintain a humidity level above 20 per cent before condensation appears on the windows.

  • Replace windows. New windows should incorporate energy-efficient features that help control condensation. Windows labelled by the international organization, Energy Star, qualify as the highest in their category for energy efficiency.

  • Control water use at home. Excessive use of humidifiers, showers, washing machines saturate the air.

  • Quick Fix. As a temporary solution, open a window in each room for a few minutes. This will allow stale, humid air to escape, and fresh dry air to enter, with minimal heat loss.