With the False Creek streetcar trial coming to an end next week, one city councillor says she hopes the service will keep running and expand into a comprehensive citywide tram network.

Coun. Suzanne Anton said the city should do “everything in its power” to keep the cars — which are on loan from Belguim — in Vancouver.

“There is pretty much a universal desire to keep it,” she said. “People want to ride a streetcar.

They don’t have many options and (this would provide) a convenient, reliable and frequent (mode of) transit.”

The trams that connect the Athletes Village and Granville Island have been on loan for nearly two months and are set to return to Brussels on March 21.

Anton said she’d like to see the line extend to the Telus World Of Science — and by extension the SkyTrain — and new lines added along Arbutus Street, Broadway and 41st Avenue.”

“We have a big financial interest in the success of the Athletes Village and knowing that a street car is running through there would really add to the marketability of the units.”

She said $90 million would be needed to extend the track to Science World, buy five cars and build a works yard.

“That’s the challenge —everything is about priorities and money,” said Anton.

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