If you're planning a trip with your children this summer, remember it's a vacation for everyone and in addition to being fun, it can be educational too. Summer vacations can be a time to stimulate your children's mind and

support their learning.

So how can you keep your children entertained while you're en route to your destination? Kumon Math and Reading Centres has compiled a few fun ways for parents to help make their family trips educational for the whole family.

Have your children mark your travel route on a map. After determining your departure and arrival points, calculate the number of kilometres you will be traveling, then estimate how many hours it will take. Compare flying, driving, cycling, skateboarding and walking times. Involving your children in planning your trip will enhance their learning and travel experiences.

Help your children pack a travel bag with items to keep them entertained along the way. Some items your children may want to bring along can include books, colouring books and crayons, foam puzzles, press and peel sticker games, books on tape, word game books, and cards.

Participate in favourite family car activities like the Alphabet Game with your children. Starting at the beginning of the alphabet, each player finds the letter 'A' somewhere on a sign, license plate, etc., then moves on to finding the letter 'B' until the first person who finds 'Z' wins.

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