Our busy lives include both young children and a medium-sized dog that we love!

Often after a walk through the park the dog’s paws and legs are wet and or have some mud on them.

Do you have some cleanup tips, so that Jerry (our dog) does not get the carpets, and in some cases the furniture, soiled? Thank you!

Dog Lover


Dear Dog Lover,

I know exactly what you are faced with, as I used to take care of my employers’ two dogs (the fabulous Ms. Gigi and the wonderful Ms. Beauty!)

This is what I did: I went to the dollar store, and bought two dozen really cheap matching face cloths and two small wicker baskets.

I then left these near my side door, under the bench, where I would sit to tie my shoes.

Every time I would walk the dogs, I trained them to sit as soon as we got inside the house and I would then use the clean, dry cloths to wipe their feet.

I would then place the used cloths in the second basket.

On laundry day, the dirty cloths would be washed with all of my household cleaning rags, and replaced.

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