The Keg

165 York St.



Ambience: Before anyone thinks I’ve lost my mind for mentioning the bar at a Keg restaurant in this column, it must be noted that this is one of the most popular after-work spots in the downtown core. The bar section of this relatively new Keg

location draws in a massive corporate clientele throughout the week who are looking to chat about office politics, pound a few power cocktails before catching the GO Train home or find someone to make the journey with them. They’re probably most diligent about achieving that last goal. This is one of Toronto’s hottest 30-something-plus pick-up bars with reasonably priced drinks and an appropriately chic atmosphere to make it happen at least five nights a week. Want a table? Arrive early to avoid standing — it’s also easier to ogle from a seated position.


Crowd: Suits, suits and more suits — and a few sports fans on game nights. These patrons are here to schmooze and be seen in this poor man’s version of a member’s only club, minus the expensive membership and the exclusivity.


Dress code: It’s regular Keg smart casual — although that definition is fairly fluid — but expect to find most of the crowd in their Bay Street power suits or dress-down Friday best (think golf shirts and khakis, gentlemen!).

Should I dance on the bar? This isn’t Crocodile Rock, cougars, so stay on the floor!


Will I get lucky? You definitely have a shot. The size of your portfolio or the might of the title on your business card could dictate just how lucky.

Best accessory: The latest BlackBerry.

Cocktail du jour: The Keg crowd enjoys a wide range of libations from the pleasingly hefty number of wines-by-the-glass on offer, to one of the premium beers on tap. Somewhere in between they also enjoy the signature martinis, cocktails and top-shelf liquor-laden mixed drinks enjoyed by those who have the luxury of “charging back” to the company.

Hours: 11:30 a.m. to close, Monday through Sunday.