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Forget Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — Ken Bone, an undecided voter chosen to ask a question during Sunday's debate, is being called the real winner of the debate.

Bone asked the candidates:"What steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job layoffs?"



But it wasn't just the question that struck the nation; some sayit's the name and other swear they fell for that sweater/black glasses combo.

"I went from, last night, having seven Twitter followers, two of which were my now, I have several hundred," Bone told CNN. "And I don't know why they care what I have to say, but I'm glad they're engaged in the political process."

Besides politics, Bone has people thinking about their Halloween costumes.

Part of the proverbial 15 seconds of fame? Being a hashtag on Twitter. @Midnight challenged tweeters to come up with #KenBoneFacts — which are not necessarily true, but pretty amusing.
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