Baby Kendra McGregor-Einboden’s mother and family have so many things they want to tell the 51/2-month-old, when she’s old enough to understand.

They want to tell her that her father Ken Einboden, 44, loved her so much he sacrificed his life to rescue her and her sister Britney, 12, from a fire that engulfed the family home on Sunday afternoon.

“I have to tell her later in life,” Kendra’s mother, Jackie McGregor-Einboden, said on Thursday as she hugged her daughter outside the burned-out family home on Kemp Square, a quiet cul-de-sac in North York near Jane Street and Lawrence Avenue West.

“Ken did everything that he could,” she said.

Jackie McGregor-Einboden broke into tears, as she recalled feeling helpless, as she talked to Britney at the Hospital for Sick Children before she passed away on Monday. “I couldn’t do nothing for Britney when she lay there (in the hospital),” she continued. “It’s the hardest thing you can ever imagine. ... I offered her my lung. I knew that she could hear me.”

Baby Kendra’s mother also wants to tell her how much her big sister Britney loved her, and how much love they felt from strangers in the GTA after the fire.

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