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Kettle Island best bridge option: East enders

<p>Kettle Island is the ideal site for any new interprovincial bridge in Ottawa’s east end, local politicians said yesterday.</p>

Tracey Tong/metro ottawa

Three city councillors were among the politicians at city hall yesterday who signed a letter stating their support of Kettle Island as the site of a future interprovincial crossing for Ottawa. From front to back are Bob Monette, Rob Jellett and Rainer Bloess.

Kettle Island is the ideal site for any new interprovincial bridge in Ottawa’s east end, local politicians said yesterday.

East-end councillors, MPs and MPPs gathered at city hall yesterday to sign a letter of understanding and to launch a citywide petition to oppose the construction of any interprovincial crossing east of the Greenbelt.

While Kettle Island, just off the Aviation Parkway, is their preferred location, the coalition is opposed to four other proposed sites, including Petrie Island, Masson-Angers-Cumberland, Lower Duck Island and Tenth Line Road.

“Kettle Island is the best location for Ottawa,” said Orleans ward councillor Bob Monette. “It takes the congestion off the east end and the infrastructure is already in place.”

When you look at the five possible locations, Kettle Island is the only location, said Cumberland councillor Rob Jellett. “Anywhere else would cost tens if not hundreds of millions … more for road improvements.”

Having Kettle Island as the crossing site reduces the amount of time trucks would spend on heavily used roads, he added, noting Kettle Island links directly to Highway 417 and the Aviation Parkway.

Any other location would put 3,000 large trucks a day on the highway, agreed Orleans MPP Phil McNeely.

“It would mean that 3,000 trucks are each travelling an extra 30 kilometres per trip to service Ottawa and Gatineau,” he said. “It would compete with all our residents in Orleans getting to work in the morning and coming home at night.”

The petition runs throughout the summer in an effort to convince the NCC that an interprovincial crossing east of the Greenbelt is not viable.

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