We caught up with Kevin Dillon, AKA Johnny Drama from Entourage, who’s in town for the 2 Second product launch in support of CAN Fund and The Foundation to Fight Childhood Obesity.

This is not his first visit. “I’ve been all over Canada. I’ve done a bunch of movies here…I love Canada,” Dillon said.

“We [Entourage] get a lot of love from the Canadians. They’re probably one of the first countries to really embrace the show outside of America.”

When asked about Johnny Drama, Dillon said, “The most important thing is that I want the character to be funny, likeable and all that.”

When it comes to his favourite Johnny moment, he laughed: “It really is the victory line…being at the Grand Canyon and Johnny’s so down on his luck, he thinks his career is over, you almost think he is going to toss himself off the Grand Canyon. Then he finds out the show got picked up and it’s a big hit, he falls to his feet screaming victory. That, to me, is my favourite moment of Entourage, my favourite Johnny Drama moment; I didn’t know it was going to be as good as it was.”

You can expect more Entourage in the future. You can also look out for Johnny’s Bananas, the cartoon that Johnny Drama does the voiceover for in Entourage, which might be coming soon.