TORONTO - Wayne Kellestine intends to appeal his convictions for eight counts of first-degree murder in the Bandido murder case.

And, in his inmate notice of appeal, he says Nazi paraphernalia he owned shouldn't have been used against him. Kellestine was convicted, along with five other men, in the April 2006 deaths of eight men linked to the Toronto Bandidos biker gang.

The trial was told Kellestine, a Toronto Bandido, led Bandidos from Winnipeg in slaughtering the eight men at his southwestern Ontario farmhouse.

Kellestine says he wants to appeal his convictions and sentence, while the five other men previously filed notices too.

In the notice filed with the Ontario's Appeal Court, Kellestine writes that the judge erred in allowing "the German swastika flag," seen hanging at his property, to be evidence against his character.

He also alleges the judge erred in "refusing to give a warning on the dangers" of co-accused Michael Sandham's evidence.

Sandham, a former police officer, testified to his version of events of the night of the murders, which placed the lion's share of the blame on Kellestine.

Sandham admitted on the stand that he had previously lied to police when he told them over and over again that he wasn't at Kellestine's the night of the murders.

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