City cops got the last laugh when they tracked a robbery suspect right back to his house after he locked himself out of his own car during a robbery.


Just after 2 a.m. yesterday a man allegedly robbed a gas station in the 11800 block of 24 St. S.W., but found he had locked himself out of his car and had to smash his window to get back in.


“Mr. Smart bad guy used his own car to commit the robbery and locked himself out so he had to smash the back window with a fire extinguisher to get in. He kind of left a trademark right back to his car,” said Duty Insp. Gerry Larson.


Police found the vehicle with the smashed window parked outside of a house in Cederbrae about an hour later. Several people were detained and police continue to investigate. Charges are pending.

Police were also able to detain another robbery suspect after a robbery Monday morning just before 12:30 a.m.

A male robbed a convenience store in the 990 block of Fairmont Dr. S.E. and fled on foot but a K9 unit officer and his dog were able to sniff the suspect out.

Police took a 15-year-old suspect in custody and charges are pending.