Do you love fried chicken? If you love it so much you want your home to smell like it, you might be in luck.

This “whoops” won a 70-year-old man$1 million.

Butcatching an ugly fishcould get you $1,000.

DidTrump tank Boeing’s stockswith one tweet?


The “Hamilton electors,” as the rogue members of the Electoral College call themselves, are not voting for Trump. Nor Clinton. They’re calling up 2016 primary candidate,Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Do you thinkNikki Minaj was mocking a mentally ill womanor are you still #TeamBarbz?

You can like, love or cry on Facebook, but there aren’t any reaction options on Instagram.Yet.

Imitation is just flattery, right?A court ruled thatSamsung doesn’t owe Apple $400 millionfor copying the iPhone design, but it's not over yet.

Don’t count out “Uncle Joe."VP Joe Biden hasn’t ruled out a 2020 run for POTUS.

The White Sox made afour-for-one trade.

A Georgiadeath row inmate’s executionis scheduled tonight.

Age ain’t nothing but a number. At least to Andy Cohen.He said he would totally sleep with Justin Bieber.

Amarathon runner in Floridatook the wrong path and was missing for 12 hours.

Aninvestigation found that a Saudi-led coalition should apologizefor a deadly attack on a Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) hospital in August that the group said killed 11 people.

Aman was arrested and chargedwith manslaughter in connection with the death of ex-NFLer Joe McKnight.

Which states have thebest and worst drivers?

Joe Madden,the coach who led the Cubs to a World Series victory, wasn’t worried about some old billy goat.

German chancellor Angela Merkel believesfull-face veils should be banned“wherever legally possible,” according to this article.

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