Nicole Kidman doesn’t ever want a “safe” love life, reports.

The actress — who was wed to actor Tom Cruise for 10 years and is now married to country singer Keith Urban — always opts for “extreme” romances and movies because she would hate to have a boring life.

She said: “In the end I hope my life will be a mix of extreme love and bold artistic choices. I’ve never wanted to be safe. I’ve never chosen safe relationships. And I’ve never chosen safe films.”

The 42-year-old actress is so keen to make a point, she actively “seeks out” film roles she will be criticized for.

She explained: “If you’re taking risks it isn’t always going to work, and. .. it hurts sometimes. But I have a career where I have had to weather the storms. It’s become second nature to me. I’m used to my roles and the movies I’m in being criticized. I seek it out. In my life I do not seek out a safe place.”