Ayvani Perez. Via Facebook Ayvani Perez was kidnapped during a home invasion in Atlanta.
Via Facebook


Ayvani Hope Perez, the Georgia teen who was violently abducted during a home invasion, has been found alive and reunited with her family, police said Wednesday.


Cops also arrested two suspects, but said two more men suspected in her kidnapping were still at large. Perez, 14, was taken from the closet where she was hiding with her brother by two armed robbers who broke into her family's home about 2 a.m. Tuesday.


The thieves demanded money and jewelery from Perez's mother. When she told them she didn't have any, the men shot the family's dog and fled with Ayvani in a grey Dodge.


An Amber alert was issued by Atlanta-area police soon after she was kidnapped and friends and community members began spreading the word about her disappearance on social media. Sketches of the suspects were released by police Tuesday.


At a press conference Wednesday, authorities said Perez is in good health and her rescue was a result of "hardcore police work."

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