City Hall is following the lead of a group of schoolchildren to help eliminate excessive idling and protect Edmonton’s air quality.

Mayor Stephen Mandel was at Riverdale Elementary School yesterday to launch a public awareness campaign titled “You hold the key, be idle free.” The message was first brought to city council by Anna Talman, a fifth grader at the school who started an anti-idling group called Eco-Air about a year ago, recruiting her friends to help spread the word.

“They’re the ones that kicked off the campaign, so in that sense they’re an integral part. A poster child, literally,” Mandel said, Earlier this year, Anna was one of three children nation-wide recognized by Sunlight Eco-Action Kids Award for her efforts to protect the environment. The 10-year-old said even those who are too young to drive can help curb excessive idling.


“They can encourage their parents to turn off their cars,” Anna said.

While Eco-Air is still pushing for an anti-idling bylaw, Mandel said that such a law would be difficult to enforce.

Anti-idling ads will run on city buses, billboards and radio stations, starting Monday.

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