A class of first graders put their heads together to come up with cute fixes for a few global crises.

On ending war

  • We’re in two wars!
    — Marlena

  • I know why they keep on fighting — because other people want more money. — Isaac

  • We need to say we don’t want this war to happen anymore. We want it to stop. — Marlena

  • They would just ignore us and keep shooting the guns. I really like war. I want to be in the army. — Miles

On Occupy Wall Street

  • People are marching in the park because they clean stuff a lot and they’re not making enough money to get paid.
    — Ma-Sadio

  • They want the world to change. — Marlena

  • My daddy says it’s the bankers’ fault. — Ella

  • I want people to stop playing in the streets, and I want cops to stop arresting people. — Marlena

  • I just want protesters to stop breaking stuff. — Isaac

  • If I was poor and people gave money to me, and they were poor again, I would give them the same amount of money back so we could all be middle class. — Marlena

On 9/11

  • My mom told me that they thought America was messing up the world.
    — Isaac

  • Why did the man knock down the Twin Towers? — Jahlani

  • They were really mean men that wanted to knock it down. Someday we’re going to celebrate the Twin Towers’ birthday, and we’ll talk and find out the truth. —Marlena

On unemployment

  • If someone didn’t have a job, I would tell them that they could come and work for me. They could bake me something.
    — Akasha

  • I’d give away my mom’s or dad’s job. — Lucy

  • People who don’t have jobs can help the people who do have jobs. — Nakamae

  • I would give them money, so that they could buy a job. — Marlena

  • My daddy doesn’t really have a job but he takes care of me and my sister. — Nakamae

On world hunger

  • I would buy food and I would go to every country and give them food. I would make them something — like cupcakes.
    — Jahlani

  • I’m not sure Jahlani’s idea is a very good idea because some people in other countries don’t eat the same kind of food as us. I would give them the food that they eat in their country. — Nakamae

  • Like if people didn’t have enough food in China, I would call and ask the restaurant to deliver me dumplings and then I’d give them lots and lots of dumplings. — Marlena

  • I would just buy them all different types of food every day and then I would protect them because I would be their super butler. Like from Batman. — Miles

Disaster relief

  • If I was in a tsunami, I would get my boat.
    — Rowan

  • And you could give them money and make sure they got enough food…and sleep. — Marlena

  • And had the right medicines. — Ella

  • I would jump into the water to save people. — Rowan

  • Oh, that would be a bad idea! — Ma-Sadio

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