If challenged, children will surprise you with their skill and artistic expression — just hopefully not on their bedroom walls.

Julia Jordan is a co-owner and instructor of Chris Jordan’s Fine Art Studios Inc. where kids summer art camps are held for children six years and older. She says children enrolled in her Oil Painting or Drawings From Life summer camps don’t need any previous experience, but they do need to be able to spend a few hours without their parents in an art studio.

“We challenge them a lot,” says Jordan. “We don’t just let them doodle around. They are pretty amazing.”

Jordan’s studio’s Oil Painting camps run July 12-16 or August 9-13 for $160 with supplies included. Drawing From Life camps run June 29/30, July 20/21 or August 24/25 for $110 with supplies.

Lillian Tkach-Matisons holds summer art workshops for kids with a summer theme in mixed medium, including paper mache. The courses run four different times in July and August for $30/day or $150/week.

The Calgary School of Art has three summer art camps lined up for the kids: Abstract Painting for six-to 12-year-olds runs July 5-9 or July 12-16 for $160 with supplies included; Still Life Drawing for ages six to 12 is $110 running three hours a day in two potential sessions, July 5-9 or July 12-16; and Learn to Draw and Paint Horses for kids ages nine and up runs July 12-16 for $125.