Deafening screams of delight thundered through the gymnasium and echoed down the hallways of Bearspaw School yesterday afternoon where the students welcomed two celebrities who had come to celebrate their victory for another school.

Farley Flex from Canadian Idol and Melissa Hollingsworth, a 2006 Olympic Games bronze medallist, made the trip to the school to acknowledge the kids’ work in raising $41,000 over the past eight months that will almost completely pay for a school to be built in Rwanda, which will cost $50,000.

“Generosity is a very big and a very important word,” Flex said during his address to the kids, encouraging them to “fall in love with giving.”


Through bake sales, selling photography, and galas, the year and a half of planning gave way to major success.

Dorothy Dyer, self-described as the “lucky principal,” said that after the school is built she hopes to establish communication between the children at the schools to further the idea of kids helping kids.

“(This school) gives them a future,” said Connor Branch, a Grade 8 student. “I never knew that we were so much more fortunate than them.”

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