Canada is going to the climate change conference in Copenhagen next month without a plan, a director with the World Wildlife Fund said yesterday.

And the organization – backed by hundreds of kids across Canada – wants the government to come up with a strategy.

“We want to be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem,” said Keith Stewart, director of WWF Canada’s climate change program.


Stewart, accompanied by other supporters, delivered more than 800 postcards created by school children across the country yesterday to the Prime Minister’s Office as part of the My Future, My Climate postcard campaign.

The campaign asked kids aged six to 14 to share their climate change solutions through artwork and a personal letter of appeal to the prime minister.

“They can’t vote, but they’re going to be the ones to live with the consequences,” said Stewart following a news conference at Parliament Hill.

“After reading the postcards, I wish that we had the luxury of waiting until they were in charge of the country. But we don’t, so it is time for the grownups to do their job, which is leave the world a better place for our kids by taking action on climate change.”

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