Two-time mayoral candidate Terry Kilrea spent his third day in the witness box at Mayor Larry O’Brien’s trial, answering questions about how his allegations of bribery against O’Brien got into the news in 2007.

Defence lawyer Michael Edelson focused on how Ottawa Citizen reporter Gary Dimmock obtained a confidential email exchange between Kilrea and Ottawa-West Nepean MP John Baird, that was published a week before OPP investigators executed a search warrant to obtain those files.

Kilrea said repeatedly in court that he did not give Dimmock those files.

According to Edelson, Dimmock told police that he obtained the emails in a “brown envelope, downtown, from a very tall and thin grey-haired woman.”

Edelson suggested that Dimmock lied to police to protect Kilrea and his common-law spouse, Dina Koukis.

Kilrea insisted that neither he nor Koukis gave the emails to Dimmock.

The charges against O’Brien stem from allegations that he offered assistance in getting Kilrea an appointment to the National Parole Board, if Kilrea withdrew from the 2006 mayoral race.

Edelson has yet to specifically ask Kilrea about the allegations or his interactions with O’Brien.
Kilrea returns to the stand today.

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