When Larry O’Brien and Terry Kilrea met on July 12, some “very prominent” Conservatives supporting O’Brien wanted them to come to a “business arrangement” so that only one of them would be running for mayor, Kilrea said in court Monday.

Kilrea is the first witness for the prosecution in O’Brien’s trial. The charges against O’Brien stem from Kilrea’s allegations that O’Brien offered to help get Kilrea an appointment with the National Parole Board in exchange for dropping out of the 2006 mayoral race.

In the examination from Crown attorney Scott Hutchison, Kilrea recounted his version of the events that transpired between July 10 and Aug. 10, 2006.


According to Kilrea’s testimony, he met O’Brien at around 10 a.m. on July 12 on the patio of the restaurant at 700 Sussex Dr.

During the conversation, Kilrea said O’Brien told him that since they were both Conservative candidates, only one of them could win the race and they should come to a “business arrangement” so Kilrea doesn’t get hurt.

“He said, this meeting is a courtesy,” said Kilrea.

According to Kilrea, O’Brien then said he could arrange better employment, and Kilrea responded by saying that the only thing he would be interested in is the National Parole Board.

Kilrea said he was referred to Ottawa-West Nepean MP John Baird, then Secretary of the Treasury Board, although Kilrea said they never discussed the appointment.

The cross-examination from defence attorney Michael Edelson has not yet touched on the specifics relating to the 2006 municipal election.

Instead, Edelson focused on Kilrea’s “overly active” history as a candidate.

He noted Kilrea initially registered to run for a council seat in Kanata in the 2003 election before entering the mayoral race in August. In 2004, Kilrea attempted to become the federal Conservatives candidate in Ottawa South.

In 2006 Kilrea registered for the mayoral race, before dropping out to run in Bay ward.

“He wanted to be a player around town, to be the mayor. Someone with some power and influence,” said Edelson, quoting Baird’s testimony to the OPP about Kilrea. “You don’t agree that your life was preoccupied between 2003 and 2006 with raising your public profile in this community?”

“That’s not me,” Kilrea answered.

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