His teacher thought it was candy.


A New Jersey 5-year-old brought 30 packs of heroin to his kindergarten class and now authorities are investigating how he got the drugs.


The International Academy of Trenton Charter School student was caught playing with “a small white object that his teacher thought was a candy wrapper,” according to NJ.com. When he disobeyed her, that’s when she saw that it was a packet of heroin.


The teacher found 29 more packets of heroin in his lunchbox, and the boy was taken to the hospital to be tested for opiates, according to The Associated Press. He tested negative for the drugs.


“IAT is following the procedures specified by the law and is working closely with local authorities to handle this matter. IAT is fully committed to providing a safe, healthy environment in which all our students can be engaged, high-achieving learners and positive role models,” the school wrote on its Facebook page.


According to NJ.com, the Criminal Investigation Bureau and Varn is investigating and that charges are likely once they find the source of the drugs.