Located on the Dartmouth waterfront, units at King’s Wharf offer postcard-perfect views of downtown Halifax.

In fact, the views from the new condominium complex are so fantastic that interior designers used it as their inspiration for much of the model suite.

“We arranged the furniture to capitalize on the spectacular views of the ocean and the Halifax waterfront,” said Bruce Norman, senior design consultant with Norman Flynn Design. “The view became our inspiration for the interior finishes and material selections.”

Norman, who was assisted by junior design consultant Máiréad Fegan, explained their design focuses on three key ingredients: Functionality, light and texture.

“The layout is simple and functional, we maximized the natural light and used beautiful lamps and fixtures as ‘jewelry,’ and we used a combination of different materials to create visual interest,” Norman said.

He and Fegan flanked the fireplace with natural grass cloth wall-coverings, and contrasted them with exotic rosewood flooring and an ocean-inspired kitchen backsplash.

“This suite has an inherent simplicity and isn’t over-decorated,” Norman explained. “We focused on layering quality materials to achieve a timeless, functional aesthetic, and design-savvy buyers will appreciate the subtleties and the quality.”

The luxurious kitchen pairs dark espresso drawers with creamy white countertops and cupboards. While the suite is rich in drama, Norman said he and Fegan chose to use colour sparingly.

“The walls are painted in muted greys to create a soft backdrop, but what’s interesting is that the door casings and doors are painted an unexpected shade of grey-brown,” he said. “It really stands out, since so many people use predictable white for doors and trim.”

They did bring in punches of colour and pattern as accents in the furniture, linens and accessories — like the red glass candle pillars on the dining table, and the cinnamon-coloured rug in the living room.

While the suite is bursting with perks — like dreamy custom showers —the most delicious one is enough to light a fire under any potential buyers.

“We were able to push the envelope on design by installing a double-sided fireplace between the master bedroom and the main living room,” Norman said. “It’s a rather unexpected design feature, and it’s stunning.”

Suites at King’s Wharf start at $199,900. For more information, please visit www.kingswharf.ca.

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