OTTAWA — Shannon Tweed, partner of KISS rocker Gene Simmons, has extended an invitation to Ottawa’s acting mayor to join her for dinner with friends and to join the band backstage following their upcoming Bluesfest gig, says a friend of the celebrity.

Former city councillor Linda Davis, who has been friends with Tweed since her Ottawa days back in the ’70s, said Tweed is “completely understanding” of city council’s decision not to dedicate a day in her honour.

On Tuesday, acting mayor Doug Thompson said he planned to declare July 15 “Shannon Tweed Day.” On Wednesday, his council colleagues scrapped the plan.

Davis said what has happened is “unfortunate,” but that Tweed has taken the “high road” and understands the decision.

Tweed told Davis that she and Simmons, KISS’s bassist, would be very happy to have Thompson join her and friends for dinner prior to the show, and to join the band backstage.

“Doug acted in a very kind and sweet way,” Davis said. “It’s unfortunate what’s happened.”

Davis said she expects the whole Tweed Day debacle to play a big part in a future episode of the Simmons/Tweed family reality TV series “Gene Simmons Family Jewels.”

“This is seen in 84 countries around the world and Ottawa isn’t going to look good,” she said.

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