Rumours of the glamour rock band KISS coming to Halifax are solidifying.

An ad running this week in Metro says “Get ready” with a picture of the iconic KISS makeup on a mask.

A new website, Halifax Rocks, promises an official announcement “very, very soon.”


Reports of a KISS concert first came from the lips of bassist Gene Simmons last fall. He told Sun Media they’re planning to do about 10 stops in the summer of ‘09 with some Canadian shows.

“I know Halifax is one, but before you get out there and start the baseball season, they hold exhibition games, that’s what we’re doing. ‘Cause once we go out, it’s going to be for a year and a half,” Simmons said.

Power Promotional Concepts of Dartmouth are putting on the show. A spokesman for the show didn’t return a phone message yesterday.

Uber-KISS fan and organizer of the Halifax Kiss Expo Heather Churchill said she hasn’t heard anything concrete, but is very excited at the indications so far.

“I’m very excited but I’m just going to wait until things are officially announced. It seems like they just started the promotion for this so we’ll wait and see.”

There’s no doubt in Churchill’s mind a KISS show will be bigger than the Rolling Stones outdoor concert in 2006.

“It’s just that these guys are so huge. They’re just as big I think,” Churchill said.

Halifax isn’t the only city expecting a big rock show this summer. A Moncton newspaper said there are rumours swirling that either U2 or AC/DC could perform on Magnetic Hill.

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