Nearly half of Canadians will be throwing dinner parties this winter, but not the formal sit-down gatherings of the ’70s.


This year twice as many Canadians say they’ll have their next party in the kitchen instead of setting their dining room table, according to a new national survey of 1,002 Canadians conducted by Research House for GE Appliances.


The survey reveals 80 per cent of respondents believe “kitchen parties” — cooking and entertaining while guests are gathered in the kitchen — are in.


The participation of Canadian men in party preparation has increased. Men are taking a bigger role in hosting duties — more than 80 per cent of male respondents say they shop for the menu ingredients, prepare the house, serve the guests, and get their hands dirty to clean up the mess.


However, only 60 per cent of men are doing the cooking. Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver are at the top of the list for inspiring men across Canada to bring out their “inner” chef.

In keeping with the trends in kitchen entertaining, GE Appliances is introducing GE Café™, a new line of kitchen appliances designed with the home chef and entertainer in mind.

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• Sixty per cent of Canadian women admit to gossiping about their friends’ kitchens, and 73 per cent of Canadians feel their kitchen reflects their personal style more than any other room in the home. Given $20,000 to invest in home renovations, the kitchen is the top makeover priority for most Canadians.