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KKK in South Carolina uses candy bags to attract new members

KKK in South Carolina uses candy bags to attract new members

FOX Carolina 21

The KKK is using candy to try and persuade residents of a small, northwestern South Carolina town to join their branch.

According to FOX Carolina, the Seneca, South Carolina, branch of the controversial anti-semitic group left plastic sandwich bags filled with candy and a pamphlet that read, "Save our land, join the Klan" on resident's driveways on both Saturday and Sunday.


The pamphlet contained a "Klan Hotline" number that directs callers to a voicemail.

The recording bellows: "Be a man, join the Klan! Illegal immigration is destroying America." The message ends with: "Always remember: if it ain't white, it ain't right. White power."

A woman from Seneca who received a goody bag and asked to remain anonymous, told the news outlet that she spoke with neighbors who were "very angry, very upset, very ashamed at the same time - that this exists."

"Ashamed to face our neighbors that do not have the same color skin that we do," she added. "You shouldn't have to wake up and fear that somebody might burn a cross in your yard or throw something like this out in your driveway with nothing but hurt in their intention."

Robert Jones, the Imperial Klaliff of the outfit — dubbed the Loyal White Knights — told the station that people who received the goody bags shouldn't be afraid of the klan — unless they're doing something the klan considers "morally wrong."

Local groups are planning a "Unity Rally Against Hatred in Greenville" in protest of "The Loyal White Knights" on July 26 at a library branch in downtown Greenville.

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