Grey’s Anatomy star T.R. Knight has defended his decision to date a man 16 years his junior — insisting they “love each other.” Knight, 35, has been involved with 19-year-old Mark Cornelson since February and the age gap has put their romance under intense scrutiny. But the actor is convinced that although some people might take a negative view — it doesn’t matter because their relationship is so special.

He tells, “It’s bound to raise some eyebrows but we love each other. (He is) an amazing guy. I love being around him. I love what we have.”

Knight admits that although it is too soon to think about a wedding, he definitely thinks his relationship with Cornell will last. He adds, “We’ve only known each other for six months, so I think it’s a little soon to consider marriage. I don’t think you date anyone that you don’t see a future with.”

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