Kristen Stewart has played Bella Swan, the young woman at the centre of the hugely successful Twilight franchise, in three films. But she isn’t tired of her vampire-loving alter-ego.

“It’s super indulgent,” she tells Metro. “Everybody always asks, ‘It must be so exhausting, you must be so sick of her.’ It’s like, no. It’s like writing a thesis as opposed to writing a paper.”

It’s a good thing she isn’t sick of Bella yet, as Stewart has two more films to complete in the series. She spoke with Metro about splitting the last book into two parts, taking on On the Road and dealing with the madness of the MTV Movie Awards.

Are you excited about the chance to stretch the last book out over two movies?
I’m excited. I feel like the fans are going to love it because we’re going to have the time to tell the whole story. What happens when you try to cram such a long story into an hour and a half, the first things that are skimmed off the top are the things I love the most, which is details and the little things that make the characters who they are.

Did you anticipate how much of a phenomenon it’s become, or could you not have predicted it?
I don’t think anybody could have. I’ve never seen anybody respond to a movie or a book the way I’ve seen some of these people respond. Initially, we thought that we had a cult hit. We thought that our little Twilight fan group is going to love our movie and make it somewhat successful, and maybe other people will catch on. Other people caught on like crazy. So initially it wasn’t going to be this global phenomenon. It was going to be like a cult hit.

You’re filming On the Road this summer.
Yeah. It’s finally getting made, which is really a miracle. I can’t believe I’m this age at this time when it finally gets made. Somebody the other day was like, “There’s really no plot.” I was like, “What the f--- are you talking about, there’s no plot?” … I wrote a paper on that and told [director] Walter Salles about it in a meeting that I had with him a year and a half ago. I was like, “It’s not very smart, but you should read it because you can tell that I really love it.” I mean, I was in the eighth grade.

You guys had a good run at the MTV Awards, didn’t you?
I know. It feels weird, too. There are movies that are really good every year, and because of our fan base, they’re just going to click away and we’re going to win the things. I hope there’s not too much resentment.

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