Kim Krushell celebrated her victory in the race for Ward 2 councillor at the Nova Hotel last night with her staff, family and friends.

“It’s been a tough campaign. Of all the campaigns we’ve worked on previously it hasn’t had this level of emotion,” said Jay Krushell, Kim’s husband.

“There were a lot of personal allegations thrown out there that I haven’t seen in the campaigns before.”

As the group hovered over the nightly newscast waiting for the votes to come rolling in, a sense of relief permeated the air that the campaigning was over and that work in the ward could resume.

When asked about the City Centre Airport issue, Krushell was candid about her stand.

“Honestly, I think that if the majority of the incumbents get back in, then I think that’s the answer, we’re done”, said Krushell, referring to closing the issue.

“The thing about democracy and the thing about an election is that you take a risk. You put yourself out there. You try to say to people, look, I’m trying to do good work, and the end result is you’re either going to get the job or you’re not.”