Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis are shrugging off reports that Kunis’ phone was hacked last week, leading to the discovery of several steamy photos of the Friends with Benefits stars, according to People magazine.

“At no time did Mr. Timberlake and Ms. Kunis exchange inappropriate texts or emails,” a joint statement from their reps reads.

“The insistence that there is any inappropriate correspondence between the two parties is entirely false.”

One of the alleged photos was said to be of Kunis in a bathtub, while another reportedly showed Timberlake with lingerie on his head. A third photo reportedly featured male genitalia.


“We would like to confirm that the photo addressed in the media of Ms. Kunis was in fact not from any phone but from an inactive email account that has not existed in three years,” the statement reads. “In regards to the other photos in question, they were never exchanged between the two parties.”

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