With a city full of untouched talent waiting to be exposed, a Calgary-based independent record label wants to find the hidden gems in the city.

Unquiet Records signed their first local band In Absentia, and want to give more opportunities to other bands around the city that have yet to reach their potential.

“Our main goal is to cultivate and develop new talent. We believe there is so much untapped talent here in the city and we want to help them unfold,” Jan Switzer, general manager of the label said.


After signing the rock band In Absentia, the label is looking to find other musical talents in various music categories, but is focusing on a mainly rock and pop genre.

“There is too much opportunity here to pass up,” she added.

Steve Olliver, guitarist and songwriter for the band told Metro he is impressed with the label so far and hopes more class acts will sign on.

“It’s definitely a really good thing for musicians in the city. It’s been great for us so far,” he said.

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