The Robson Square ice rink is back in business.

The rink reopened yesterday to families and groups of young skaters, who laced up for a round at downtown Vancouver’s only outdoor rink.

“We need more family places like this,” said Zaheed Bakave, a Yaletown resident who brought her niece and four children to the rink for the opening. “I think it would add a lot of dimension to downtown.”

Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee president John Furlong said public spaces are crucial to a city’s livability.

“This is what turns a city from a place to reside in to a place to live in,” Furlong said.

Vancouver Coun. Suzanne Anton has proposed a motion to create a public square — like those found in many European cities — between the art gallery and the Law Courts.

Furlong says he’s in favour of that motion and that he believes Robson Square is already well on its way to becoming a gathering point.

“I think it would be a very easy place to build on,” Furlong said at the rink opening.

“This area here is where people come to when they go to downtown Vancouver.”

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